chinas cultrue

madison grumbles

i choses this pic because its the most torustes attraction and gets lots of visortys every year.
i chose this picture because it shows how they made most of there stuff by hand.
i chose this picture because it show how differernt and how much the jewilary has changed from then to now.
i choses this because this is what people in china had to ware they didnt have nice clouthes and the staly like we do today.
i choses this picture because shows the art .
i chose this because there was meaning behind it and what is standed for.
i chose this because dragons have a meaning to them for the chinese people.
i chose this because this is how they ate by makeing these wooden spoons.
i choses this because it shows how chinses people lived and what they lived in.
i choses this because it showed lots of culture and how they used it for culture reasons.
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