Line Work

I chose to go for an element of Art (Line)

I like this art work because it shows how line can give depth
I like the work because line gives the illusion of a road and with the vanishing point it looks super good
This line art work is more like abstract line work
This line work shows depth and how its gives an illusion of space and separation
the lines make you see in the middle of the art work and gives attention to the 2 humans hanging
The art i like a lot using line work to create heigh and space around everything is awesome !
This Art piece was one of my favorites because it has everything depth space moving all with lines !
This piece is more like a murallll i believe but the river gives such a good ilusion of space and create great work
This piece i really liked because even tho there not so much line work it still uses them on the background to create the ilusion of space
This is more of a picture i believe but i like it because i feel that theres a good vanishing point and it looks really good
This painting is really cool because it has so much color and they also use balance
This piece it similar to another painting i chose but it has more color and looks better
This painting was also one of my favorites because it has such a great illusion of space with line work at the back
This piece is awesome with the mountains and color its just great giving space and depth its a beauty
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