I like the artworks that make me feel in the scene. When I looked at this, I felt like I was in the woods.(it is really cute work,when u stand far away to see it ,it's like true.when i make the picture very big and see it, the element of this picture it is a little bit chaos.)

Same reason.(actually, I dont like it too much,I think it's a little boring)

Also, I like the artwork that looks like containing stories 'cause they look like storybook's drawing.(it is so so beautiful I like heaven,I want to go to in the paining.)

This is my favorite pice from Vincent van Gogh.(it is amazing, i can't hold on myself.When I see it,I feel happiness and peaceful! The color is so pretty.Also,i can use this color on my textile! Thank u chose this picture!)

I pick this 'cause it reminds me that I wanted to study oriental art. They have lots of common with drawings,(It is very peaceful drawing I like it)

Landscape 1991 Inge Lise Westmann Bornholms Kunstmuseum
Museo Nacional de Arte Burgeoning Springs in Autumn ca. 1910Details Joaquín Clausell
SCAD Museum of Art Chapultpec Castle 1860 Robert Scott Duncanson
Gemeentemuseum Garden at Arles July 1888 Vincent van Gogh
Hong Kong Museum of Art Yicui Pavilion 1953 Li Yanshan
Credits: All media
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