northern renaissance art

Northern Renaissance art was extremely valuable because it started to focus on the individual and the human form. It let people kind of step out on a ledge to express what they saw and visualized and put it on a canvas. The artists from that time such as Hieronymus Bosch were more open and accepted that their styles of painting was peculiar and out of the normal. They accepted their passion for art and helped changed society's perspective of it along the way. 

This relates to my topic because of how eerie it is and how it's almost something you would see in a nightmare.
This is extremely relevant because it is Hieronymus Bosch's most famous painting and contained the most uncomfortable characteristics.
This picture expresses an eerie feeling and makes people question its meaning.
This art piece is relevant because of the normal foreground and all the weird little occurrences in the background.
This picture relates to my gallery because just like the others, it was created by Bosch. It also contains a fair amount of detail and odd characteristics
This picture shows a lot of expression in the face and again, gives you a feeling of uncomfortability.
This picture is relevant because of its 'fantasy' landscape and the imagination that was put into it.
This is relevant because it has animals and a feel of nature and a lot of Bosch's paintings did.
This goes with my gallery because it shows an imperfect world and that's what Bosch seemed to visualize.
This is another version of The Garden Of Earthly Delights and it seems to be more sinister and grungy than the one previously shown.
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