The history of Man - Wes Thurman

This gallery is a brief outlook on the history of mankind from beginning to present day.  Yes, it has a more creationism / biblical look on things, but I'm sorry if I have a hard time taking a few brainiac's words from the last couple centuries over several millenia of history and record keeping.

The Garden of Eden, the birthplace of mankind for many religions. Here God placed man, along with all other creatures, in paradise and gave us one rule...
Of course, being the intelligent, curious, and rebellions creatures we are, we broke the one rule and life was cursed with a time span. From then we were kicked out of the garden and given one other rule...
"Just worship me". It's an easy enough rule to follow and we DID for a time. It wasn't too long before we said "Screw that noise" and started doing our own damn thing. Eventually, got so bad God called a mulligan flooding the earth saving one man and his family.
Reset button pressed, God left us with one more rule: Move out, have sex, and have kids. Really tough rule. But no, we stuck as a pack and decided we're going to build a tower up to heaven. Adamant about his last rule, God cursed the human race with varying languages forcing people to find groups they could understand and spread out.
One group ended up settling and founding what we believe today is one of the first major civilizations in mankind's history. Starting in Egypt, mankind spread throughout the continent we know as Africa.
Groups that we know today as Anglo-Saxons, Germanic, Spanish, and others moved north, forming the European countries, Russia, Great Britian, and eventually, the Americas.
Finally the group that went east forming the Asian culture. Countries founded include India, China, and Japan.
Of course, not all cultures meshed well. Mostly because we're human beings and we think we're right all the time. War, conquest, and expansion formed our current countries boundaries.
Having settled down in our collective homes, an almost period of scientific and technological advancement has improved our way of life and broadened our horizons as to how we see each other and the world around us.
As we look to the future, having explored just about ever facet of our current home, Earth, we curious creatures can't help but wonder if there is another species like us. We look to the stars and beyond to sate our never ending curiosity.
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