This gallery consist of eight pieces of artwork. Each piece relate by telling the short stories of different women.

Harold Gilman uses the personal moment of his wife Sylvia breastfeeding their son, to capture the beautiful piece of art. I believes Gilman really captivates how nurturing women are.
Sunday Shoes was created by Palmer Hayden in the year of 1963. Hayden simply used oil on canvas to capture a simple but delicate moment of a woman's childhood. Women have and always will love shoes.
Charnay captured this photo in Madagascar during a tense political time. Focused on the women's appearance more than their individual identities, I think he captured 3 strong role models for the girl.
Degas was engaged by the women's awkward body poses in the privacy of their boudoir as they tried to perfect their hair. This oil on canvas piece, remind me of woman's daily struggle to do their hair.
Fuku Akino used the arrangement of the women's arms to give a lively, rhythmic feeling. This piece of artwork reminds me of the sisterhood that lies upon many groups of different women.
Sebald Beham completed this engraved piece of artwork in the 1500's. It reminds me of the struggle that women go through with their bodies. The struggles cause so much pain and unhappiness.
This piece was created by Milan Laluha in the year of 1962, resembles a woman becoming one with herself. The woman is alone and nude, so she's comfortable and able to hear her own thoughts.
Credits: All media
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