Founders of Impressionism

This gallery includes the works of Monet, Renoir and Sisley. These men were a few of the lead creators of the impressionist movement in art. Impressionism paintings usually have the same aspects which include small, thin, and distinctive brush strokes, an open composition, an emphasis on light signify time of day usually, and a simple, ordinary subject matter.

This is a painting of an open air dance in Paris. This simple composition plays a lead role in being able to call it an impressionistic painting. Also noted is how the light plays through the trees.
This landscape has the subject and composition of sous-bois painting which translates to "Under the Woods". This was a popular motif among others that inspired Renoir. He was challenged by the light.
This is one in a series of water lily themed painting that Monet did. All of which include his personal style of small brush stroke. The light source coming from the top in all of them.
Unlike composition being the focus like many painting in the Impressionism movement, light is the main aspect in this. You can tell it is mid day by the shadow being so close to the haystack.
The brush strokes show a moment of movement and give the artwork animation in a sense. Unlike a formal family portrait, Monet shows a casual moment. Mid day is shown by the shadows being casted over.
The silvery mist of the fog makes the brush strokes stand out. The subject matter being of a peasant woman working in her garden ties the whole Impressionistic scene together.
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