This hanging scroll by Uemura shown is a very emotional piece. Done during World war II, The medium is color on silk. It depicts a female leaning on a railing looking out into the distant. A gaze of emptiness but still hopeful expressed on the females face, give the viewer a sense of what emotional state the artist was in. As well as the Hardship and despair felt by the Japanese people during the WWII, but yet in her face theirs a glimmer of hope and thirst for peace. Just beyond the horizon.
This oil on canvas painting done by Henry Tonks, during the first world war. Depicts a field dressing stations in France amidsts the ruins and chaos of war. The dressing station is erected in the wake of a ruined church Indicating nothing is untouchable during war. Among the pain and suffering spread out throughout the painting, Theirs still a feeling of warmth expressed with the warm glow in the faces of the wounded. In the background to the left there is a great bellowing cloud of smoke. indicating that everything as far as the eye can see has been effected by the war. To the right the sky opens up as though to evoke a sense of peace opening up as you move across the painting from right to left.
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