in the 1970's

American writer. He is widely known as the author of the hugely popular 1970s best-sellers Jonathan Livingston Seagull. learning about life and flight, and about self-perfection. wide-range audience
American author and Journalist. believed Americans chased new pasts new futures new Gods and they chased them for themselves. spiritual awakening, self-exploration, and resistance against institutions
Along with the ideologies of Wolfe and Bach, People used the political tactics of the civil rights movement and Black Panther movement to force self-identity towards their ethnicity. tired of assimilation,
Irish and Italian Americans were tired of wrongly represented in media and advertisements. As they broke away from only being "American" society looked down upon their independent identity. Fought politically to stop negative image.
Italians were able to win control over how advertisements could depict the Italian culture. Alka Seltzer had an "Italian spicy meatball" joke, and they had to discontinue the ad.
Al Pacino played Michael in the Godfather. His role showed the perfect transformation of a young Italian adult from being in the assimulated American society, to identifying as an Italian and living his fathers legacy.
Retired people believed they were not represented equally in politics. They believed if race, ethnicities, and genders could fight for rights, then they could to. The grey power wanted better healthcare and sex ed.
Retirement communities grew rapid in Arizona and Florida. The AARP helped the retired have luxury communities. The retired loved them so much they would escape reality and retire early.
young adults built 7,000 different communities across the nation. Communal farms went back to traditional roots away from technology and mainstream brands, self-sufficiency- grow their own food, make their own shelter, and make their own clothes.
The Third Great Awakening occurred during the 1970's. Religion was at his all time high of the 20th century. People were seeking a traditional sense of identity through religion. Many religions represented.
The new age movement counter acted the traditional church morphing together all types of spiritual practices to find self-identity and the sense of belonging.
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