This Exposition Is about waterfalls and water landscapes. You will see in this exposition a variety of colours, mostly light colours such as light yellows and oranges, but there will also be darker more saturated colours such as greens and brown for more of an earthy feel.  These artworks were made from 1600s to the 1970s.  

Subjective Frame: The bright colors show the sun setting and gives a calm feeling
Cultural Frame: In this artwork it has more earthy colours like the dark green and brown for a more forest look. It has an old cultural look to it as it was done in the 1600s.
Subjective frame: The colours used in this artwork are saturated and calm. It has a darker shade of blue in the water.
Subjective Frame: This artwork is different to the others because it is black and white but it still shows a clear image of the waterfall and forest.
Written Guide:In this painting you can see a waterfall down the middle and it shows how the water mixes in with the river water at the bottom of the artwork. There is a bit of colour in the bushes.
Written Guide:This artwork uses more saturated colours and has a faded look to it. You can also see a person in the artwork looking up at the waterfall which gives the artwork a more friendly vibe.
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