Completely Random 

Marlen Rosales  // Music has always been a huge part of my life. And many things remind me of music even if its just a line i'll always mange to connect it to music. My art collection was completely random. It didn't chose  a collection or an artist I just explored this site and picked whatever reminded my of music. 

My theme for this Final is music, although when you look at this piece of work you wonder what it has to do with music. Well music is very bipolar one second it can be happy and by the next measure it has became dark. Just like Latins this picture reminds of music because this person wants to something else but is forced due to issues like strict parents, or money issues etc. Music in a way is like that if the musicians refuses to express themselves then everything would be gloom. Liked this picture because it in a way brings back a lot of memorizes.
This piece is based off El Dia de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. On the Day of the Dead you celebrate your loved loves that have passed and wishing them a nice journey. Usually there is a festival and there is music and food usually and candles for the dead. The music they play is nice like a medley. And when i hear it, it soothes me. When I looked at this picture I thought of that medley
What does this piece have to do with music? I have no idea. But its is colorful and music can be colorful or gloomy depending on the musician. When I looked at the bubbles in the picture it reminded me of air and you need air to play music and that has to with the theme.
We have all been in life and death situations. I feel like this describes that perfectly. Death can be right next to you, and you'll never know. What does that have to do with music? Well in music you create so pretty dark things. Sometimes music can save you from death. Metaphor speaking or quite literally. Some people say, "music saved my life" as in I was depressed and I was done, but this artist helped me and blah blah blah. Or literally like lets say you are driving and were distracted and you were listening to music and in the song it said "watch out!" you look and see that we were close to getting into a huge crash and could of killed you. So, you were saved by music.
The person that is carrying the hay is to me in a way that is hardworking, she looks like she could be having fun but is stuck with chores or trying to make a living, you never know what this person is doing. I feel like this artist is aiming for for the scene, that in a way is like music, you have a base to support everything, counter, second and main medley, and with all that you have made a scene or music.
"Bomber crash" I feel like that is an appropriate name for this piece because it looks like a bomb has crash here with what seems to be flames. What does this has to do with music? Well music is a bomb. It could throw you off guard very fast. It could change drastically in a second, let's say the music was in cut time so that means that every note is played what is half out it but this can be anything during the song. I feel like this artist was painting something peaceful as a memorial for the Australian War but maybe had something different in his mind and decided to create chaos
This is a very depressing scene, well in my perspective. The gloominess makes people feel sad, but the flowers tell a different story in a way. Despite all the sadness there will always be hope (that was really cheesy) but like always it reminds me music because in this case the flowers can represent music and how it can be a hope and the gloomy feeling can be someone that is feeling down and music can help them feel better. I liked this piece because I find this relaxing in a way and I love the colors the artist used even though the flowers are a hope they bend in nicely with the background.
Ah, "The Light Inside" this piece doesn't really have to do with music but what I feel when I'm in band class. I get this weird feeling that The music Director is so far away even though I'm only a few feet away from him and my classmate aren't even there. It makes me feel like I'm not even there like its a I'm watching T.V. It makes me feel dizzy. I don't really have a reason for this being here but it reminded me of that feeling
I found this instrument very interesting, I mean look at it an over the shoulder Saxhorn. I would love to play this instrument. It so cool and weird looking, but then again I wouldn't really take anyone seriously if they played it, but at the same time I would respect them I mean these two instruments are completely different. Maybe that's why it wasn't a successful instrument.
This may seem silly but I can relate to this very much I mean the title for this painting is "laughing man with flute" During band I am most happy, well most of the time sometimes some people can ruin it for me but for the most part it is very fun. What I like most about this is his face. It's so silly and I were describe myself in Band class I would show them this picture. But if this was exposed to be a serious picture well...
I am a Flute player. This a flute from Divje Babe. It was 60,000 before the present, I found this so cool because of the evolution of the flute. This may be one of the first ever flutes ever made. Its just proves how old the flute concept has been around. I can imagine a person just trying to figure how to get sound from this flute. I don't even know if the person managed to get sound from it. The most notes you play on this is three, but you can change the octave. So you may be able to play nine notes. Crazy right
I have no idea what this says but I found it really cool, I feel like even though it is poster it has a lot of meaning. I believe this was for World world two. It means that they will fight back. You can feel thing feeling in music especially in competition. Like our school band was considered a joke due to the lack of students. But this year we have about more or less 100 students in band. In the Hemet Christmas Parade we got first place in performance. That is awesome, in my opinion. and this poster reminded me of that we are the red hand and the one guy are the ones that thought we were a joke.
These are the basic instruments to form a band. First, there are the woodwind instruments, they are the Flute/piccolo, Clarinet, and the different types of saxophones. The Brass section is Trumpet, Tuba, Baritone, Trombone. And the percussion section these are the drums. But those are just the basic instruments they are more complex instruments than this. This is here because you need to know the instruments to be music because what if don't know how to handle an instrument you might end up breaking it.
This is Shahi Hammam it is in Walled City of Lahore Authority. This has a unique pattern on its own it maybe simple, but that's the thing, it's simple, but effective. If I was here I would just stare at it for hours. This reminds me of music in a way because it has a pattern that changes every so often. I sometimes just stare at music trying to figure how each pattern or rhythm goes. This may seem like a simple shape but if you look at carefully you'd be amazed just like in music.
This is a music score. This piece of music is called March of the Women. I like this because I found it really cool on how conductors set up music. We use a system called a music pyramid. Were the low brass if the base and the high the tone of the instrument it is placed higher. I liked it because even though this seems so simple, it can take a conductor weeks, months, up to years to get a piece of music correct. I liked it because even though this seems so simple, it can take a conductor weeks, months, up to years to get a piece of music correct. This takes dedication, not all people can do this and I find people how can do this very special.
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