C O L O R S . . .

Combination of colors and texture. How it changes from light purple to light blue is impressive and make it look beautiful.
The shape of the letters and the degradation of colors from dark to light make the letters look realistic. It's a very beautiful urban art.
Urban art. A walk with so many colors and shapes. The dark color on the background make all those colors stand out of the walk and impressive people.
Colors are in perfect distribution. Green and blue make the perfect combination and match with the young lady doing the artwork.
The dark pink makes this art looks beautiful. It has some parts in which people can't difference the shapes of the art, but it's ok. The color makes it understandable.
I love the colors. They make the paint look so fresh and summer time.
I'm a big fan of Frida Kahlo, so when I saw this piece of urban art I analyzed it. I liked the shape and the colors on the graffiti, and of course the message.
We all know that this is a huge piece of art. The Starry Night from Van Gogh has a variety of colors that goes in degradation from dark to light. I love this one!
This is a beautiful painting with a lot of different colors. I liked that it looks scary, but at the same time friendly. The degradation of colors are very fascinating because they are all mixed.
Painting in terracotta colors. BEAUTIFUL.
This artwork is very different to the other ones I chose, but I liked the mix of the colors plus the squares with fonts inside.
Colors match very well with what is on the artwork and of course with the title of the art.
Explosion of colors in an explosive artwork of emotions. The artwork doesn't have any degradation in colors, but they all look beautiful in their dark tonality.
Light degradation of the blue color, and a combination with white that makes this artwork look so beautiful.
Mix of happy colors for unhappy people. I love the combination of red, yellow, and orange in this beautiful artwork.
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