Music as an emotion

We can all hear music but how many of us feel it or even see it? In these pieces I wanted to attempt just that.

In this image we have a light versus dark contrast. The woman is surrounded by objects she loves, yet she remains alone. The strongest light comes from a halo effect around the woman.
There is a strong focal point on the instruments and books. The light versus dark is evident with the darker background and the lighter foreground.
There are a lot of light colors used. The shapes are clearly defined. The emotion comes off as enjoyment.
This piece has easily identifiable lines that form the shape of three humans. There really isn't use of shadows or any thing else. There is a lot of negative space.
The light in this picture allows for a focal point on the musicians in the center. Shapes are clearly defined. One has a round hat, the people are clearly defined.
There aren't too many colors used in this piece, but the values in light and dark are enough. The use of yellow in the guitar offer an overall warm feeling to this piece.
The line use in this piece allows for shadows as well as to define the shapes of the human, the angel, and other various objects.
The light in this piece is off to the left as if the sunlight is coming in from the window. The rest of the piece remains mostly in the dark. However, the shape of the woman is defined. We can see her playing her instrument.
In this panting, the colors are brighter on the student, a contrast next to the teacher in darker colors. This also serves as a focal point. The eye is immediately drawn to the student.
The colors in the piece are dull, almost muted. The movement with the crowd is clearly shown. We can see the crowd gathered around the musicians. We can also see people entering the room as well.
Credits: All media
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