The artist that created Mural is called 3Dom. It was created at Southbank London around 2012 and 2014. The art was made with spray paint. I think the art work means that people have to faces. One face to kind of hind the feelings and one inside that is really what we are feeling. People have many bad things happening to them or going through things and sometimes they want help from the world but don't know how to ask because they feel like an outsider kinda. I believe that because the person in the middle isn't very human and has things around them that people don't see as good and are usually trying to stop. It has two faces out that is worried looking and one that is yelling. The background is a future feeling maybe meaning the person feels like an outsider or an alien. The art was created in the streets and people a lot of the times put art that means something about the world there hoping more people will see it and feel different.

Credits: All media
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