Post-Impressionism and their Use of Colour

I chose colour of the Impressionists because I love their bright colours and added brushstrokes which gives them a sense of depth.

Van Gogh and his use of dark colours gives us a feeling of night time and mystery.
Van Gogh's contrast between the sky and the hay makes the picture appealing.
Van Gogh uses great coloring here because it adds depth to the vase.
'The Potato Eaters' reminds me of the Baroque period because of the dark to light colours.
Van Gogh's use of soft colours here gives the impression of the tree leaves moving, as well as the added brushstrokes.
Paul Cezanne uses a lot of colour in this painting for the fruit which gives them a realistic feel, as well as the table clothes (which was one of his specialties).
Cezanne's use of colour here tells of the time of day in the painting.
Cezanne's use of complimentary colours in this painting adds a flow throughout that piece. Especially the blues and the greens.
Paul Gauguin uses colours to demonstrate depth, materials and blues to accentuate shadows. The person, although, is small and close to the same colour as the ground.
The colour greens gives the painting a natural feel to it since the colour green means nature and life which gives the impression of the town having an active life.
This painting is from a distance with buildings in the distance on a hill. The trees and the brown patches in the grass and the brown water has a decaying feel to the painting.
The bright colours of the washerwomen gives them life and action in the paintings. Each colour also gives them a sense of emotion and the sense of the time of season.
Georges Seuart's use of his idea of Pointalism is staggering because of each point being a colour, and the finished project is a beautifully coloured master piece.
The colours give the picture a sense of motion for the animals and the circusfolk. The yellows give the painting a flow because it follows one another, a circular rotation to move your eyes across the painting.
Red is the primary colour being used in this painting since ‘Le Chahut’ refers to many things, one being ‘the rag’. The red colour gives it a passionate feels and lust in the painting.
I love this because it is the scene of another paining by Georges-Pierre Seurat, The Channel of Gravelines, Petit Fort Philippe. The painting is darker, but the multitude of colours in this painting gives it depth and a sense of time.
I love this picture so much! The colour’s are amazing because of the very light tone of the painting and because of the soft lightings, even when the picture is just millions of small dots.
Henri Toulouse-Lautrec’ use of white give’s the sense of wonder and mystery because white is a neutral colour and gives the subject, the woman, virginal feel. Although, she is wear dark boots/socks that gives her an edge in the painting.
The Dance: I like this painting because most of the painting is in greens. However, the two center most women are in bright colours of reds and oranges which gives them a feeling of importance to the piece.
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