Karolina Peza Shape Gallery

Stuart Davis' piece is a great example of rectilinear shapes.The green shapes on the left side of the piece show how they are comprised of straight lines and angular comers, which fits the description of the rectilinear shapes.
This piece by Emilio Vedova show various shapes. The shapes in this piece represents Geometric shapes because you can right angles, circles, rectangles, and pyramids.
Low definition is a representation of soft edges that makes the shapes in paintings sort of hard to see the edges blurry because the shapes disappear by having the shadings of the color blended a little in. In this piece by Bang,Hai Ja you can see that the dark blue circles and the minty green circles are low definition because the edges aren't defined and they are blurry making it hard to see the shape itself.
In Wassily Kandinsky piece you can see high definition shapes because of the sharp edges in this piece by the end of the shapes and lines. It is clear to see in the shapes strong contrast between the other shapes that have thicker edges or thinner.
In this piece you can notice organic shapes because of the natural setting in the background like having a dark sky with clouds and then the grass on the ground. So you can see the natural world shapes in this piece by looking in the sky,ground, or the woman.
In this piece you can see the positive and negative shapes. As you can see the positive shapes are the the colored shapes that give the figure while making the background the negative shapes because of the space in between the shapes.
In this art piece you can see the curvilinear shapes. The flowing edges and curves in the piece show a representation of what kind of curvilinear shapes look like.
Childe Hassam' pieces shows an example of representational shapes. The piece shows a direct observation of of the city and the shapes in it. Like the half circles on the bridge and the triangle as the roof on a rectangle booth in the streets.
Sargent Claude Johnson's piece shows abstract shapes.You can see that the shapes in this piece aren't reality shapes but more like visual shapes that a person would see.
This piece show non-objectives shapes. As you can see that the shapes have pure forms because they didn't have a direct reference to reality but just placed around.
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