Greek History

Late Minoan period ceramic jug. Brooklyn Museum.
Late Helladic Mycenaean clay feeding bottle. Benaki Museum of Greek Civilization.
Late Geometric Period. Attic Geometric ampora. Shows a scene of mourners and warriors arranged very geometrically. Benaki Museum of Greek Civilization.
Archaic Period. Athenian, ceramic, black figure jar. Shows the story of Hektor's body being dragged by Achilles in the Iliad. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Ceremonial Marble, Athenian Chair. Shows the story of the murder of Hippias and Hipparchus which was the beginning of Athenian democracy. The J. Paul Getty Museum.
Quartz relief of a spear-carrier. Possibly one of the Persian immortals. Don't know exactly where the relief is from but possibly Babylon, Persia. Pergamonmuseum.
Silver coin with Zeus on the obverse and a horse on the reverse. The Greek letters spell Troy. Numismatic Museum.
Marble head of Alexander the Great. Found in Megara. The J. Paul Getty Museum.
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