Israel-Palestine Conflict

By: Abhishekh Kumar  

The holocaust was one of the main reason's that the state of Israel was created. At the beginning and the end of the holocaust some of the Jewish people moved to Israel. The U.N. then formed the state of Israel for the Jewish people. But, this would lead to a war that will never end.
The Jewish people were forced to move to Israel in order to live. If they didn't move to Israel then, they would end up in a concentration camp. This led to the formation of Israel and Palestine. The Jewish people taught that they would be safe in Israel.
It was one of the most dramatic moments in the modern history of the Middle East. The world’s nations voting one by one in the U.N. General Assembly to partition the Holy Land into separate Jewish and Arab states. The split would give Israel more land then Palestine.
The Jewish people base their claim to the land of Israel on at least four premises.God promised the land to the patriarch Abraham.The Jewish people settled and developed the land. The international community granted political sovereignty in Palestine to the Jewish people and the territory was captured in defensive wars.
From the Palestinian point of view, Israel is invading on what little land they have left by building more and more illegal settlements and bypass roads, taking virtually all of their water, bulldozing homes, destroying olive groves, and engaging in endless humiliation rituals at road blocks. During the current occupation by the Israelis, Palestinians experience little to no self-determination and are at the mercy of what they see as changeable acts of state sponsored terror including random arrests, beatings, killings, curfews and collective punishment. All Palestinians living in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza have been affected by these acts. Everyone has a brother, father, mother, husband, wife or child that has been killed, wounded, or died for lack of medical care. Everyone knows a family whose home has been demolished or ancient olive grove uprooted.
As Palestinians see it, the Israeli occupation is the main cause of the current conflict. Palestinians want Israel to pull back to 1967 borders, which would leave the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza for a Palestinian state. This is the way to peace.From the Israeli point of view, suicide bombings and other acts of violence inside Israel is the basic cause of the current conflict. These attacks on innocent civilians are wrongful and harming the civilian's of Israeli society. The attacks have increased at an alarming rate since the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords in 1993. The bombings and the massacre has affected every citizen in Israel.
Israeli drones are in the sky 24x7. They look for suspicious activities that could be a threat to Israel.When they spot danger the drone launch attacks.Most of the time innocent people are killed.The Palestinian's can't retaliate because, of limited technology and no budget. More than 1,400 Palestinian's have been killed by drones.
Israel spends about $19,221,472.80 on their military every year. But, Palestine doesn't even spend a quarter of what Israel spend on their military. Israel receives about $4 billion in aid from the US every year. The US also promised the Palestinian's about $200 million in aid but, they never received it. The bombing and rocket attacks carried out by the Palestinians doesn't even affect Israel because, their weapons are very weak.
Poverty rates are very high in Palestinian states West Bank and Gaza. This is because, Israel has blocked off Palestinian's with the West Bank barrier. It's main purpose is to hold off the suicide bombers from coming into Israel. But, the wall also takes some of the Palestinian land. So, the Palestinian farmers get limited access to the land.This also caused a ban on anyone from Palestine to enter Israel.Plus, it has blocked off jobs,water, power, and health care services.
“I take them because it makes me forget, at least for a little while, that I’m in Gaza,” says Abu Alaa, a resident of the strip and father of four. Drugs have taken over most of Palestine and people are taking Tramadol to escape their pain. Plus, they are cheap only $50 for the whole strip.
Riots in Israel have also started over high prices on housing and food.The government raised taxes in order to spend more on the military. Almost every house in Israel has Cottage Cheese as their staple item and it has risen 40% in three years. This started on July 14,2011 Daphni Leef set up tents on the street of a rich neighborhood in Tel Aviv and still continues on today.
About 6465 Palestianian's have died over the course of 11 years because, of the conflict. But, only about 1100 Israeli's have died over the same amount of time period. Most of the people killed in the conflict are civilian's. About 59% of Palestinian's and 69% of Israeli's are civilians.
There have been 10 peace attempts at ending the conflict but, unfortunately none of them have worked. They just ended up getting people killed. Right after the Oslo Records was signed the Prime Minister of Israel was assassinated while going to his car. Also a failed assassination attempt on a Palestinian political leader Khaled Mashal for the bombing of a vegetable market.. He was poisoned and went into coma. These are just two examples of a never ending war. The people have just given up on hoping for peace.
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