Power of Man

The control of women by man has always been a part of every lifestyle, leaving little to nothing that women could to do about it. Throughout history, women were looked at as inferior because they were not men, and men were automatically deemed superior over women since day one. But why? Freud explains to us in his book, Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis, that women are simply jealous of men and lust to be them, while men are superior simply because they have the male genital. Men have had a certain reign of power over women because of this and women hopelessly left to envy. Antigone shows this idea of man’s power over women, but contrary to Freud’s idea of women, a woman stands against, rebelling against the power of man.

A world run by men is a government built by men. Antigone and Freud look into the idea of men-centered and ruled worlds.
Freud's idea of repression comes to mind because this is the typical table of a man, and anything otherwise would be considered strange.
Represents Freud's idea of penis envy of women when looking at man, and seeing how they are nothing like this.
According to Freud, the dream brings out our inner most thoughts in form of objects, most of which say that women are constantly envious of men.
In Freud's time, smoking was considered a man's hobby, and women would smoke in envy, trying to compensate of not being men.
Creon's control of the government and ruling it in a man empowered way.
Zeus is the reason for Creon's strong head towards keeping the law to his liking.
Antigone's reason for rebelling is because of her belief in Hades, but Freud would say it is because of her penis envy.
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