photography through the ages -Jairo murillo

This gallery is meant to show the different methods used  by different photographers through as early as the 1800's to the present. Its meant to be able to show something new, something that may have never been seen before but can be seen now through the vision of the photographer whether its a picture in black and white, or something with colors so vivid they might pop out of the frame. 

Spider Rock, in the Canyon De Chelly, Arizona, this monolith stands 800ft tall and is said to have begun formation 230 million years ago. This image is taken from a very good angle allowing one to see not just the monolith but also the structures that surround it It interesting to imagine how the different structures were formed around it leaving only this one in the center.
This is a close up photograph of Vernal Falls in Yosemite. This image was taken to document the American west at the end of the 19th century. People say that he played one of the major roles in making this place one of the key forms of our American Identity. In this image he used albumen print which is how artist [produced a photographic print on paper base from a negative.
This is an image of a ship on the water by Gustave Le Gray. Whats interesting about this image is that in comparison to previous photos taken by Gustave this one is based of one negative from the sky instead of having to use one for the sea and one for the sky he used only the one from the sky being able to show us an amazing image.
This is an image of the Manhattan Brooklyn Bridges in the middle of the night. This image takes advantage of the natural darkness we see everyday and allows us to view what some may not be able to see throughout the day, a peaceful and quiet bridge.
This is a photograph of the Mountain of the Holy Cross. This image uses negatives and transparencies to help the image focus on more points of interest. This image is also a more grand view of the mountain most photographs are of the side of the mountain only getting the side image here we can see how the mountains are connected to each other. The image also provides us with an amazing view of the areas full of snow and makes one want to go climb the mountain and lay in middle of it.
Here is an image of The Grand Canyon in Yellowstone. The photographer took this photo back in 1885 and even though the picture itself looks so old the picture seems like it was taken by a current photographer. The photographer took excellent advantage of the different cliffs around him to take this breathtaking image of the Canyon with the river flowing right through the center while allowing a clear view of the rest of the canyon in the back of the photograph.
Here is an image of Inspiration Point in Yosemite. This picture was included in the gallery due to it currently holding the best view of Yosemite Valley and inspires visitors to hike to the Wawona Tunnel Overlook. The color scheme in this picture is very interesting, to see that from the top of the frame the sky is very bright but as you move down towards the trees the intensity of the color becomes darker giving the image a nice balanced look.
This is an image of a road in Intercostal City, Louisiana it was taken by Graciela Itubride. Her focus as a photographer was to capture moments that helped to define and show different culture, religions and rituals from people all around the world through photos and showing people that photos aren't just a pretty picture. In this image we can see how she used the black and white colors to give off a surreal look as she captured a flock of birds moving together as one without any visuaal representation of man being involved.
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