Lines in Art

Abstract lines in artwork

The lines on this artwork are bold and somewhat in the shape of leaves hanging off of branches. The artist was very liberal with the ink because there are big spots of ink.
These lines are abstract and overlapping. All of the lines are thin and most are the same thickness. All of the lines curve mixing from vertical to horizontal
There are few lines but their shape and size differ a lot.
There are many different colored lines in this work. The color gives this artwork a sunset feel. The lines on the foreground are thinner.
This art is made of large, bold lines that are made up of many smaller straight lines.
The lines on this work are inverse color. These lines are mostly straight and vary in size.
These lines range in shade a lot. They vary from dark black to almost white. The lines are more vertical than horizontal
These lines are mostly vertical and range in from thick to thin as well as in color.
These lines are inverse color and mostly round and curvy rather than straight. These lines don't overlap.
Most of these lines are horizontal and thin. There are some spaces that the lines are a bit thick. Some of the lines are curvy but most are straight towards the middle of the paper
Credits: All media
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