Street art

The first piece of art is extremely colorful. It's bright yellow and it is covered with a ton of faces. The faces all kind of look the same though. It looks like a man with a disfigured   face. The second piece of art is on a brick wall, the figures seem to be extremely tiny and its three tiny men maybe, the third piece looks like the tile figurings. the third piece looks three tiny figures on a brick wall, thy look like they're all the same and they're heading somewhere. The fourth piece looks like a exaggerated concept of a doodle. The images are flowing out and everywhere. The last piece of art looks like it's on a white building and the image is a cluster of gold rings and linings. it looks like a tattoo or a pattern.My objective goal for putting these pieces together is to show that street art is everywhere around the world produced by a ton of unknown excellent artist.What I want the viewer to think about when they see the pieces together is street art is not necessarily  about gang members and tagging. Art is simply done on and around the street. .The formal elements that help communicate this message is the whole gallery. The pieces do not have to do with anything of gang members and they are just beautiful art pieces.

Credits: All media
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