innocence slowly fading 

The pictures in this art gallery show the corruption in many societies. It shows innocence and how hard it is to find it, it shows how easily innocence gets corrupted and how children always hold innocence but lose it so fast once they start growing up.

This picture is showing Chinese actors starting the play as child like and innocent. As the play goes on the characters get corrupted by the adults like in this picture the adults are forcing corrupt ways of adults on the person on the floor.
These children in the street look so innocent and carefree because they don't have much to worry about they are just helping each other and have no other problems because hey are so innocent.
I think this picture represents innocence because the little girl doesn't really know what is going on and is just smiling for the picture. She looks so happy and isn't worried about anything because she is so innocent.
I see this picture as a corruption of innocence because it looks like as the person gets older they are burning away all of the good is slowly crumbling off and when the person is old they're left with no more innocence.
I see this picture as a corruption of innocence because i think that the jesters are adults and they are corrupting the girls mind slowly like when children grow up and slowly become less and less innocent.
This picture shows innocence because the child is having fun with his parents and doesn't have any worries. I think the parents are trying to preserve his innocence and try to protect him from the corruption of adults. He doesn't really have anything to stress about he's just enjoying the birds at the beach.
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