Raw emotion in sports

This gallery shows images of many different athletes in their respective sports throughout the years.

This is a picture of college track runners during a relay race. You can see the effort on each runner's face. In their eyes they have a look of determination and desire and you can see how they are pushing themselves to run as fast as they can.
This picture shows a young caddy holding the pin while the golfer sets up to sink the putt. The caddy is intently watching so he knows when to move the pin so the ball can drop right in. Golf is one of the oldest and greatest games in the world and this young boy looking on as the golfer puts just waiting to see if it falls in shows that.
This shows Ebbetts Field in 1946. This was one of the most known stadiums there has ever been. It is a great view onto the field as the fans watch the Dodgers play.
This is a very powerful picture. This shows the crowd black and white welcoming Willie Mays to the Polo Grounds. This was in 1962 and was a big stepping stone for our nation.
This shows Ted Williams warming up for his at bat. He was one of the greatest baseball players of all time and you can see his focus in his eyes while he waits to get his shot.
This is Terry Sawchuck a former NHL goalie. He was known for not wearing a mask, but laying his body on the line every game. You can see his reaction in the picture and his willingness to still get in front of a puck with no mask. This is raw emotion shown here.
This is Wilt Chamberlain showing off his height and reach. He was over 7 ft and you can see his emotion in his face. He is excited and happy to be able to show off his talents on the basketball court!
This is a perfect picture of a frenzy in a football game. This is from 1949 when warriors took the field to play the game. You can see everyone's determination as they try to get the ball carrier.
This is a former Chicago Blackhawk's player taking a slap shot in an NHL game. You can see by the look on his face he is putting all his might into the shot. His determination shown here is unbelievable and it was all caught on camera.
This is Muhammad Ali yelling after a boxing match. He was known for yelling I am the greatest after beating his opponents. He never backed down from anyone and you can see the emotion in his face and eyes. He knows he is a champion and it shows through his actions here.
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