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I am very diverse!

What got my attention in this piece, was the protector. The male Centaur fighting off the tigers to protect the female centaur. The emotion given here for strength to live, and in the background the leopard waiting in the background is imminent.
The carved design on this elephant is really beautiful. The tree at the bottom, belly of the elephant, gives me the conception of being grounded.
I was really sure to post this one, her look of vulnerable depression is uncanny. The story is she lost a loved one dear to her.
This one I chose for fun. This creature painted on an abandon building, looks like it is sneezing. Street artist are interesting with their colors and life like meanings
The sky over this field, to me, reflects the colors in the field. It gives me the since of spring when all the color are vibrant. It looks like a farmers field ready to harvest.
I love animals. This is amazing painting of a bloodhound. The lines and colors make him look almost life like. The background just brings out the shape. Hunt's painting of a friends bloodhound
Paintings that tell a story are great. I read that a guardian is pointing to a youth to continue on his journey. Study of the painting closer of a river of obstacles this subject most go through. I think we can all relate to this.
This a sculpture of a female dancer. The flow of her dress makes you wonder if she is dancing around the room, or at the end of her pose with the wind blowing around her.
I love Native Indian art and culture. This painting of "The Potter" is the favorite of all. The Potter sitting on the floor decorating pottery is depiction of my heritage. Indian's worshiped nature and all the things around them.
This painting appears to be lonely. Although, the thought of a window to look out and see what is on the other side, does catch your attention, or at least your curiosity.
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