simplicity In artwork

My gallery is intended to show the beauty in the more simple forms of art. Even in our ever- growing complex lives, beauty can be seen and understood in even the most simplistic works of art. These works of art in my opinion can sometimes show the most beauty one can find. Even in simplistic art, complex meanings and connections can be made under the surface and deeper representations can be implied by the original artist.

This piece known from Kaldor Public Art Project 11 by Sol LeWittis is a piece seen as a simplistic art from which one can appreciate the perfection of line work and color use. I chose this piece as part of my collection due to the simplicity yet divine beauty one can see and appreciate.
The beauty of blue in this piece of art By Yves Klein coupled with the silvers of metals are simply amazing. As a simplistic piece of art, one can imagine this to represent anything they desire; perhaps beautiful deep ocean waters? Maybe even blue sand from another planet? You decide.
This piece of simplistic art designed by Anne Truitt shows a perfection of color and symmetry. From this, one could feel a sense of strength yet softness simultaneously, which one can find euphoric.
This particular piece by Jan Dibbets shows a small array of color work together in a uniform and simplistic manner. One would possibly agree that such colors together can be perceived as conraversial yet still beautiful; "Beauty in the eye of the beholder" as one would say.
This piece by Sol DeWitt could convey an interesting message of being different yet equal. Although each portion of this piece portrays a different look, they still hold an equality and right of beauty and perfection.
Liu Chuang's art raises a question of what perception should one take in this particular work. very simple physics and symmetry can be found here in such a simplistic form. Although different, unity is apparent.
This stone piece of artwork by Rachel Whiteread symbolizes that of a door which enclosed behind could resemble feelings of claustrophobia. One can easily feel the strength and power held by such a piece.
Here again we see beauty in simplicity by Sol Lewitt showing symmetry and color in a state not yet completed. This state, however,still holds the beauty of that which is perfected; A possible message of beauty is held in all stages of life and creation.
This final piece also by Sol LeWitt is where simplicity begins which can be perceived as a blank canvas. This is the beginning of all things in life and without it there is nothing. This is where arts purest form starts; the simple open blank space.
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