Japanese history

The depiction of a woman, usually shown with enlarged breast, bigger stomach, and hips shows that the people of this valued fertility. 
The detail and precision shown in this bell indicates that during this time people valued their agricultural animals. but also some of these bells where made into bigger sizes for ceremonial use.
This figure, shown as an elegant woman, posing or dancing is said that these works served the purpose of service to the deceased. 
This scene which is of queen Maya, the mother of Buddha. tells us that this event has much significance to the people of this time period, the way the 3 women around Maya are posing shows their inferiority compared to her, and also shows the emotion of how they are praising the upbringing of Mayas son, Buddha.
This work shown the importance of nature and how they view it as a beautiful thing.
This display shows how they wanted their warriors to be displayed. exagerating the boldness and importance by putting colorful and fancy armor on them
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