Since I will be studying abroad next semester in Florence, I decided to create an Italy themed project.

I chose this work because I liked the contrast and depth visualized in the mountains and clouds. Visual inspection suggests this is a watercolor work.
The colors coming from the sun are distributed well throughout the work, and the fleeting nature of sunset gives the viewers a nostalgic feeling.
I like the contrast between the large formidable castle in the background and the smaller structures in the foreground. The people in the painting also brings a sense of life to the painting.
This photo portrays the active life of the gondoliers in Venice, and it looks like a beautiful day, attracting people to it. I really look forward to going to Venice it looks so pretty.
I chose this image of St. Sebastian because the painter uses the lines of his body to imply that he is in a great deal of pain.
I chose this relief of the Madonna and child because I admire the detail required to complete this work.
This active view of a Piazza in Rome allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the culture seen in the image.
The arches and columns in the Milan Cathedral are magnificent, ergo a study of these structures will also produce visually appealing results.
The Alps and a scenic bridge make for a pretty painting any day! The detail of the landscape's terrain is well preserved even though covered in trees and shrubbery.
I like this unique shot of the shoreline, because of the angle, and how it combines the serenity of the ocean with the bustle of shorelife.
The architecture of the palace was visually appealing to me, perhaps due to the uniformity of the domes.
The domes seen in the previous slide are just as beautiful on the inside. I went here when we visited Rome when I was 4, and I still remember looking up and marveling at it.
A painting within a painting. Paint-ception.
This sculpture is supposed to be of the two most beautiful gods in Roman history. The use of bodily lines and contrapposto to portray beauty and emotion is very well done.
What art gallery would be complete without a wacky self portrait of a suspected schizophrenic?
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