Implied Line This picture uses the angel pointing at the girl to create an implied line of sight. You are naturally going to look at what a figure is pointing to.
Complementary Colors This painting is a perfect example of complementary colors. Mainly because all the colors used to paint it our complementary colors, which means they are opposite of each other on the color wheel.
Analogous Color This painting uses warm colors as a color scheme. it makes it look like they're dancing in fire or in the fall.
Perceptual Color This painting can be used as having perceptual color. The mountains in the background appear as blue. even though we know that mountains are not blue.
Arbitrary Color This painting, I feel like, is a good pick for arbitrary color. The close tree is like a dark reddish purple and the sky is dark red. not your usual tree and sky colors.
Illusion of Depth This painting really creates the illusion of depth. With the way the fields just seem to go on and on into the distance.
Positive/Negative Space This shows the negative space in the background and in the grooves of the mask.
Actual Texture This is made of fired clay bricks with polychrome glaze. It is a very good example of actual texture because the clay bricks have a very textured feel.
Implied Texture The look of the cliffs just makes it look so real. You would think you could touch them and feel the rock.
Hatching/Crosshatching The multiple, closely-spaced parallel lines that make this picture up make it a beautiful hatching picture.
Chiaroscuro The way the girl is standing in front of the window gives this picture the perfect balance of light and dark.
Monochromatic The way the picture is the pretty much all different shades of one color really brings out the details that a bunch of colors could possibly hide.
Monochromatic The way the picture is pretty much different shades of one color really brings out the detail that a bunch of colors could hide.
Pattern The repetition of the designs in this piece are beautiful. This is a very good example of a pattern.
Symmetrical Balance This piece is the perfect example of symmetrical balance. You could fold it in half and it match up perfectly.
Radial Balance This is a very good example of radial balance. everything radiates from the center out.
Scale This is an architectual model which is a small scale of a big building. They purposely changed the scale of it.
Motion/Movement We know that a boat moves in the water. Our perception of this helps us create movement in the piece,
Variety This piece has so much going on that it doesn't really unify on any one thing. It is a very busy painting with a lot of variety.
Repetition/Rhythm There is repetition of the design and the colors
Repetition/Rhythm There is repetition in the colors and the designs
Non-Representational There is really nothing in this painting that represents any real world events or places.
Abstract I feel like this piece has nothing in it that has anything in it that resembles anything from the real world.
Representational This is clearly a painting representing the merchant Georg Gisze sitting at his table.
Organic shape I feel like this is organic shape because its a still life of fruit and flowers in someone's house. It is very natural
Geometric Shape This piece is just different little geometric shapes in the painting.
Contrast The bright red of her dress contrasts with the dullness of the rest of the painting. Making it a little bit more exciting.
Proportion The smallness of the people compared to the big hill leading up to the house shows the proportion of the hill to the people.
Role of Innovator Innovation is what you see it to be. To me this is a really good painting because i love nature paintings
Actual line This piece uses his actual line of sight showing him looking directly at the python.
Asymmetrical This piece fits asymmetrical balance perfectly. The way the big dark figure is close on one side of the painting and the smaller dark figure is on the other side.
Emphasis With everyone surrounded around him, the painting really puts emphasis on Christ. Making him the focal point.
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