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The art works that speak to me.

I love this image so much. This piece stands out to me mostly because it is one that brought back memories when I saw it. I love the vivid colors and the way the people are dressed. The elegance and history in this photo stands out tremendously to me. When I was younger, my mom had a placemat on the kitchen table with this art printed on it and I love that this triggers happy memories within me,
This piece of art is stunning to me. I love the expression that is captured. The eyes of the subject look afraid but the eyebrows express shock. There is so much tension in the subjects mouth area. All these contradicting expression shown simultaneously on the same at once conveys such a beauty that grabs my attention. I also love the color of the shirt on the subject and how it brings the picture to life. This image is one of my favorite. I am a photographer and I love taking photos of people. I love how the artist captured so much in just one photo.
This image stands out to me. I love how this image is both triumphant and victorious. I love the color used in this art work and how it almost hast a rusty look with the mixture of reds and the goldish tones of yellow. The position of the woman on the horse speaks to me a lot. She looks so relaxed in comparison to the horse. I also love the placement of the horse and the woman in this piece.
I love that this work of art is so simple. This art compels me to ponder what inspired the artist to create this work. The crisp look of this image gives it definition. I find the order of the colors in the center of the circles to be very logically placed and the symmetry that is reflected in this piece allows this work to make an incredible statement.
This sculpture is extremely impressive. The stature of this piece is captivating. I love that I imagine this sculpture to be formed like the letter R. The color of the sculpture as well as the reflective property of this sculpture gives the character and personality. The subtle curvatures combined with the one dramatic curve at the top adds depth and meaning to the sculpture and it becomes more and more vivid with its three dimensionality and the shadows that it casts.
This work stands out to me significantly. The posture of the lady is interesting and I love how the image almost looks like an optical illusion. The column that she is leaning on almost looks as if it isn't there if you look at the sketch long enough. I love the lines in this art and the proportions on the lady. Her arms are almost too big and her facial features are heavily defined in comparison to the rest of the sketch.
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