Asien art work the good and the amazing

These work of art have speak for them selfs with their style.

I get a sense of peace and a calm feeling when I look at this painting,the dark colors showing that this takes place at night. The cherry peddles on the trees make this looks very sweet and loving.
This kind of art may not be a painting or drawing but the art is in the outfits, from this photo the fine detail to the clothes and bright colors really give off a strange wedding vibe to me.
I found this painting interesting because of the brush strokes used to make the painting. The strokes that are made may seem ruff in some areas but when I look at it the ruff strokes are fine.
When I saw this painting I could not believe how realistic it seemed, almost real like someone did take a picture of it. The artist did good on shading, dark colors,light an the blur a good effect.
I like the concept of there is something stronger than blood ties as this drawing shows that being tide by blood might not be as strong as other would think, seeing everyone of these faces look alike.
This painting reminds me a bit of a sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte. This painting also gives off a spiritual feeling to it both the past and present.
When looking at this painting I get a sense of adventure in it, from the light going through the darkness in which the dark setting around the one light area.
I never ones seen a pine forest before but the artist Kang, kyungo koo really did a good job of showing what it could look like. The bright colors give a feeling of being happy.
This drawing to some may look pretty simple, but when you get pass the white background and red painting look at the amount of detail that had gone into it, your able to see almost everything.
Photorealism is something I am very fond of, being I use to do a bit of this when I was in art school. My reason for also loving it is the black and white reminds me a bit of those old films.
This painting goes through the 70's and 80's of seoul metropolitan areas because of the big architectural change and massive population growth.
This work is a simple painting yet it is one of a series of works. Here it expands on its genre of interacts with the architectural space.
This painting is actually a tradition of hanging a picture of a tiger which, often consider a God of mountain. When you look at it you notice the artist used a mix of black and grays on the painting.
Lee Seungae may now be my second most favorite artist in this mummy series, I love monsters. This creature reminds me of a mix between vampire, imp and a women ,all three which can scare people.
This candle in the shape of a hand must of been hard to make. As candle making has been known to be a hard skill to learn almost like making a wax statue. I give Yee sookyung a nine out of ten. Impresive
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