Elements of Art

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Sarah Bechtel

There are more roundish shapes than rough shapes with hard edges in this painting. I would say the art work is mostly made up of circles because from far away it looks like it is made of beads.Mostly organic shapes.
The texture in this art work could be described as furry because of the strands of hair coming out of the car. Also a little rough because of the stitching the artist used on the car.It is matte.
The negative space in this artwork is the space around and in between the books, while the positive space is the books.There is more positive then negative space.
It uses value to show the difference between the sand and the plants. You can see the value scale in effect when the painting turns from sand to the dune because of the difference of light and dark.
There are multiple colors included in this art piece.The colors are white,red,blue,orange,brown,yellow,green,etc.
The form in this graffiti is rectangular prisms with a lot of 3D free form and organic shapes as well.
This artwork represents line because there is a variety of lines used here. There is thick and thin,curved and straight,and horizontal and vertical.
Credits: All media
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