Musical vibes - Sean barton

My gallery is to express the emotions felt through music seen by expressions of the people portrayed in the works of art. You can tell by movements (not seen in stills unless it's implied) or facial expressions.

Jan Ladislav Dussek is depicted in the portrait here. He was one of the first pianists to travel through Europe. His expression here appears to show frustration or just simply taking a break. Constant practice takes dedication and can be very draining. The formal element I believe best suits this is color. The artists used lots of brown tint. His choice of design and composition is emphasis. The level of every detail was deeply emphasized.
This piece of art depicts the composer, Sir Adrian Boult. The implied movements here show the level of enthusiasm and expression. I believe the formal element used best here was line. Each line whether it be the composer's arms or baton are extremely detailed. The principal of design and composition that best suits this is movement. With the way the piece is drawn you can imagine how the composer was moving and directing his symphony or orchestra.
This piece of art simply depicts a pianist who appears to be deep in thought on the piece of music in front of him. I believe the artist's element of choice here is going to be texture. You can see the splotchy looking areas in the lighter colored areas of the work. The principal of design and composition is balance. The portrait is very dark but it is balanced well with the whites.
This work of art is of Katherine Flegg. She is simply depicted playing the cello here. You can see by the expression drawn on her face the sheer level of determination. I'd say the element here would be texture that can be seen by all the different colors. The principal of design and composition would have to fall under pattern which ties in with the texture.
This painting is of Saint Secilia. She is playing the organ in front of what appears to be some boastful observers and appears to be expressing discontent with her audience. The element of this photo is definitely the colors. The red shines so bright and brings out Saint Cecilia. The principal of design and composition appears to be balance. The colors are balanced exceptionally well against each other.
This piece depicts and unknown gentleman playing a spinet. His smile shows his shear enjoyment of playing. The element I chose for this piece is form. You can clearly define the outlines. The principal of design and composition would have to be unity with the way the paints molded together on the canvas.
This piece of art was a cariacature of Joseph Barnby. The smile on his face shows his enjoyment of what he does, composing. The element I chose for this piece is line. The lines are heavily detailed as well as the shadows. The principal of design and composition tie into the element by using balance.
This magnificent piece is of Leopold and his son, Wolfgang Mozart. Mozart appears to be fed up with playing at this point or simply fed up with posing for the portrait. The element of color stands out here. The reds bring out the details of the shadows behind the figure of Leopold. The principal of design and composition is variety. The level of detail for each piece stands out whether it be the details of the violin strings or the designs on the side of the piano.
This piece depicts Thirza Whysall playing the violin. There are no other details regarding this piece. You can see her level of determination by the look of her eyes focused down on what I would assume would be sheet music. The element I chose here is texture. You can clearly define the texture by looking at the way the hair, arms and face are drawn. The principal of design and composition is pattern. The pattern used to bring out the colors on the canvas stands out immensely.
This piece depicts Gustavus Waltz. He appears to be taking a break to pose for this portrait. You can see his expertise of the instrument by simply looking at his technique of holding the bow and the way his fingers sit on the strings of the cello. The element I chose for this piece is form. The details of the rounding on the cello and even the slight tightness of the overcoat each show the form. The principal of design and composition is emphasis. The level of each detail drawn here are emphasized fantastically.
Credits: All media
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