I used the color yellow as my theme because it can represent freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, sunshine, remembrance, intellect, loyalty, and joy, but can also represent cowardice and deceit. Since yellow has such an array of meanings artist use it in different ways to represent several different things.

In this picture you can see the theme of yellow is used in the depiction this work is that the sun is setting. The artist is using the color yellow to represent the sunshine.
The artist made this picture is using yellow to show happiness. The pictures depicts a bottle of 'happy pills' to show his happiness of being an artist, hence the piece of art in the background.
This picture is depicting a bedroom with lots of yellow within it.the yellow is showing energy in the morning, the kind of energy that makes you want to get things done
In this picture the artist depicting the changing of colors of the trees. the yellow in this picture is depicting positivity. as in the changing event in the artist life
in this painting the artist is depicting different parts of the world and the people doing their own thing. the people in the yellow are being optimistic, dancing full of confidence.
The yellow tree in this picture has lived a long life then was cut down.We can take that into consideration and use the color yellow to represent the remembrance of the life of the tree.
This picture is using the color yellow to show honor. The people are showing honor by respecting each other. You can see that the people in the picture are having a festival together.
You can interpret this picture of an empty room as an open mind which shows clarity. So the artist is using the color yellow in this picture to show clarity.
There are many stairs in this picture with ninjas who have managed to climb most of them. The color yellow is used to show energy, as it would take much energy to get to the point where the ninjas are
In this painting there is another painting which shows a flower that is blossomed. The yellow of the flower is a sign of freshness because it shows the peaking point of life where it is bloomed.
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