The magic of blue glass when it shines

Gallery Inspired By Victor Martínez

This beautiful Blue Glass Bowl suggest movement with some beautiful white streaks that seem to depict movement spiraling down to the center. This shape also offers movement as it illustrates a wavy pattern just like the ocean. It fits my gallery because I bet that when the light hits it, the bowl shines different tones of the color which is the magic behind the color blue when it shines through glass.
Featured here it is a beautiful glass vase with the etching Image of a woman in a meadow holding her dress as it sways in the wind painted in a Perry Winkle Blue which is a nice contrast between the dark tone of the sea blue color and also allows the Image in the center to pop out more, and that in turn gives some depth to the picture which strengthens the beauty of the composition. This vase fits my theme because I like the way the glass composition is designed with the addition to the vase being designed in my favorite color.
This blue table offers a linear perspective representation of a rectangle with metal legs which gives it hey simple and contemporary design. This table for my theme because it shows the beauty of the color Blue with simplicity and modern flair.
This elegant dish has accents of the dark blue color with a good mix of contrast complementary colors. In the middle of there's a flower with a yellow outside and Orange creating the illusion of a shadow inside. The green leaves have a light composure to them completing the look of the overall flower. Gray stripes and oval shapes add a contemporary feel to the yet historic piece. This composition fits my theme because of the blue simple detail that adds color contrast and harmony between the other colors.
This German seal or are family crest at least that's what it looks like to me, offer was seems to be calm yet victorious symbol of war. The brown and gold tones suggest to me the hard work and dedication perhaps shown during that particular time. There's knights helmet hovering over the golden ladder which symbol symbolizes triumph the bluest tone how probably clouds in the sky with passing winds constructing a moving pattern that strengthens the overall detail of the composition. This theme is adequate for my selection because it offers rain of colors with a texture Golden look giving your distressed appearance to the look.
This beautiful stained glass window strategically titled the Angel of Resurrection offers light with sky blue tones. In my opinion the contrast between the busy background strengthens the cathedral size window with the help of the black color outline. This piece of art work complements my gallery theme because it shows how the light blue tones take away from the busy detail behind it.
The cruxifixction stained window offers pale earth tones, with the complementary blue color in the background that pulls the composition together. This piece of art work compliments my art theme because of the bluish background that drives your eyes to the middle of the window to focus on the structural details.
Here is another cathedral window design that illustrates what seems to be a father and son. This composition is clearly made by the same artist as the cruxifixction. The same color scheme is also use which adds the historical value of the piece. I chose this piece of art because I believe they both share the same story.
This glass goblet features a blue glass focal point piece that adds to the simplicity of the design. In my opinion it resembles a water drop before it hits the bottom of the glass, which adds a different perspective to the viewers eyes. This glass was chosen because the blue offers a mystery which adds elegance to this simple design.
This elegant window depicts the crossing of the Euphrates River, which is painted with rich blue,accompany by various colors. The composition seems to have a cohesive understanding between contrast and complementary colors. The blue is a very powerful pure representation of moving water, the rest of the colors are light which add more details to its composition. I chose this piece because it pulls my gallery together to show the importance of lights when it reflects of the glass.
Credits: All media
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