Venus and Adonis: the Love story

This is a presentation that presents Venus the goddess of love and Adonis a hunter, from different points of view from different artist but on pretty much the same topic. With the pictures I found its almost like a timeline can be made of exactly how things took place that day he was preparing to leave up until the time he comes back.

Here is the first time Venus tells Adonis about her dream of him getting killed while going out to hunt.
In the next following three pictures it looks Venus tries to stop Adonis from leaving out of fear of her dream coming true.
These next two pictures are created by the same artist but I feel they both capture the feelings of Venus
The change in media helps give a better sense of the mood. The dark background gives you a sense of grief. the point of emphasis is on the body of Adonis which is much lighter than those around him.
Credits: All media
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