I used this image because you can see how the artist is expressing his or her feeling by using only dark colors, plus is only one image ,he transform a simple figure to a pattern, you can see symmetry
I love the angle on this and the background, the paint also has this gray scale that represent loneliness for me, and it can represent success also or team work, is a little confusing but it has symmetry
abstract paintings are very delicate sometimes, this one only have 3 tones and give a contrast on each little weight
I really like this image is like a dog but at the same time I also can see a human, and maybe the artist is trying to say that humans are like dogs sometimes.the symmetry is easy to see in this one
if you look a bit more carefully you can see two person kissing, or maybe is only me that I can see that, but I love the texture and the colors. if you divided the art you can see it has the same proportion in each side
Chinese Pottery is more than just a fancy piece, it also contain the history of the dynasties of china. I like all the types of blue that the artist used and how he do such small details into the ceramics
I really like all the oriental ceramics, sometimes the ceramics are used to tell a story . Does flowers are very pretty, and you can see the plate is in blue,a cold color that give you peace. The symmetry is awnsome
this piece of art is very abstract but I see also this painting very modern, you can see that the artist is only using 3 colors but he used red and that's a warm color and this catch my attention. Both side has the same things
this is simple and modern ,you can see the symmetry right straight
I love this piece is so simple and clean, and you can see a pattern. Is something simple but the colors due a amazing work. The symmetry is easy to see horizontal or vertical
this look so delicate , and elegant. I enjoy looking this color is like gold. the symmetry is easy to see
I can see that the artist is working in different animals, like a tiger ,dragon and a camel but he put the 3 animals together in just one , and I really like this 2 colors together
this little man take all my attention, his big smile and his eyes catch all my focus. Maybe he was used to do witchcraft.
this sculpture maybe was a god, but the weird thing is that doesn't have arms or maybe are behind his back, I appreciate the colors, and all the details that has
I like simple stuff because you can use your imagination, this art catch my attention because as you can see they are only dots but if you spend time watching it some images can appear.
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