Renaissance Art

By Griffin

This painting grabbed my attention because it expresses a story involving a knight fighting a dragon to safe a village. It is noticeable that this piece of art was made in the Renaissance due to nature appearing in the background, facial expressions on the horse, and that is is extremely lifelike.
I enjoy observing this picture in that there is a significant amount of fantasy displayed including the centaur. This art was made in the Renaissance period because the characters show emotion, they are wearing clothing, and it is 3d.
This painted portrait is fascinating to me because of how lifelike the painter displayed. This is a Renaissance painting due to the 3d image, emotion, and facial expressions.
This picture caught my attention since a man and two women are walking towards the volcano in which might have destroyed their home. The characteristics of this beautiful painting are that the people are walking within a nature background, not religious, and lifelike.
Credits: All media
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