Life OF AN Angel - angelo isnardi

This is a gallery of the roles of angels in both heaven and earth. 

In this photo we have two Angels crying over Christ's death. I used this photo because of the location and the activity of the angels. They are doing an activity of humans mourning Jesus.
Finally Jesus is being taken to heaven by our angels. I love the lighting the artist used in this. It seems the bodies of the angels are pale in color; bright and innocent with the wings being black.
The leader of God's host of angels. This is one of the few pictures of him not fighting. He stands on guard as if welcoming Jesus past him. I am not a huge fan of the art work and colors (the body doesn't seem to match).
This is one of St Michael's angels defeating a demon. One of the reasons I like this photo is, you can't kill an angel, you can smite/banish to a dark place for a time. This is the moment it happens; a look into banishment.
Here we see an angel moving to help a Saint. This shows how angels take a direct approach to help humanity. Makes you wonder if saints get more angels assigned to them, instead of just one guardian angel.
In this picture we see a greater angel (possibly St Michael) banishing Satan. The colors in this photo capture my imagination on all kinds of levels. Also it makes you wonder when this binding happened. Before hell was created or after, and if after who runs hell when he's banished.
With this photo we have an angel watching a fisherman pull a monster of a fish out of the water. Now there are serval ideas that go through my head. One; what kind of fish is that? Two; was he praying for help? Is the angel doing Jesus's work (give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life?)
In this we see a Saint being instructed a guidance straight from heaven. It makes you think of how many things have been passed down to us from the heavens, how much information has been passed down to us, and is the church holding anything back?
This is a simple angel standing before a grave. I think the title caught my attention more than anything. "The Angel before the Grave". Why is an Angel there, is he guarding a dead body, waiting for the soul to escort to heaven? Who is he waiting for?
I think this is a very powerful picture. It shows that Christ is being held while angels and saints are watching on. It was prophesied that he would be born and they are all here to witness it. For as long as there was time there has been a war on earth as demons tried to stop it.
In this picture we see a man, child, and an angel together. It seems they are arguing over something or the angel is pointing something out, something important. I think the artist could be showing how our sixth sense works, maybe through a feeling the angel is pointing this out.
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