The amphora is two- handled vessel that is used to store and transport oil and wine. The designs and style of the vase was and still is a very popular style, especially for museums. The artwork tells a story about the gods that they worshiped and the work that they did at the time.
The rabbit Amulet shows that the animals that the Egyptians worshiped at the time. There were many sculptures and statues modeled after the animals in Egypt.
The Safavid Tiles were invented by a group of Muslims who controlled a lot of land at the time. They used the tyles for homes, private homes, and pictures. it was used to create an elegant design to the house.
The Brygos Skyphos is a large bowl that was made in a pottery workshop. The most important part in this piece is the art on the bowl. The bowl tells the story of Achilles; a Greek hero that fought in the Trojan war.
The Rhyton is a mythical best made of clay and pottery. It has the head of a lion and the body of a horse. The statue is only used as an ornament but it tells a good story.
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