Women Through color

In this gallery we will explore paintings that focus on women in history. We will observe and analyze not only the women that are the main theme but also the colors that are used in the paintings or lack of color in them. 

In this painting you can see Maria II, Queen of Portugal. It was made between 1829-1831. One element that stands out in the painting is the color, the scenery in the back is a lot darker than the rest of the painting make the Queen stand out and become the focal point. The bright red sash also draws attention to the fact the she is an important person.
In this painting you see Lucrezia Borgia, Duchess of Ferrara. It was made between 1519-1530. The colors in this painting are very dark, everything from the background, to the clothes, and even her face has dark shadows and tones. The area around the middle of the face is light so it draws your attention there immediately.
In this painting you see Costanza Alidosi. Made around 1595. What stands out the most in this painting is the contrast in colors. The black fabric of the dress makes the gold detailing stand out and draws your attention, the same goes for the red chair that stands out because of the dark colors around it.
In this painting you see Lady Sunderland. This was made in 1786. The woman in the painting is what you focus on immediately because of her paleness compared too the background that is mostly green. The white has yellow detailing that also draws attention because of the contrast.
In this painting you see Madame Bonnier de la Mosson as Diana. It was made in 1742. All the colors in this painting are very soft, none of the colors are very bright except the leopard skin that is around her and the red fabric on her lab.
In this painting you see Margherita Paleologo. It was made in 1531. most of the painting consists of very dark colors that draw your attention too her face that is very pale. Also in the background there are some women and one has a bright green dress that catches your attention.
In this a painting of Anne Willing Bingham made in 1797. In the painting her bright colored cheeks draw attention to her face. Most of the painting is lacking color besides her face and the furniture that is in a deep red shade.
In this a painting of Leonia Blühdorn. It was made between 1870-1871. Most of the painting is consists of dark colors. The background, her hair, and even most of her clothes are all almost the same shade. This brings attention too her face and her jewelry.
In this a painting of Queen Charlotte and her family. It was made in 1765. This painting is full of color. The Queen is made the too draw the attention because of her lack of color makes her stand out. Everything from the carpet too her family has color, deep reds, blues, and brown tones are present throughout the painting.
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