Elements of Art

WHS HONOR CODE: I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work." - Ashlyn Wiriden

This picture shows many similar horizontal lines. The different colors in this picture makes it look like the lines are different sizes. These lines are very narrow & close. Also, the lines are long.
This piece shows different types of shape.You can see the piece is shaped like a cube&on the outside there are squares with organic shapes inside of them.These shapes are outlined with straight lines.
This piece shows form because it is 3D, and you can see the different dimensions and the different sizes of them. Also, it has a sphere shape on both sides of the piece, which gives it form.
This piece shows value because you can see the lightness&darkness of the black and whites in this picture.The background shows an old,dark white & the writing is the darkest,easily can see grey scale.
This piece shows texture because you can tell it's 3D & that the outside of the piece looks like it would have a rough texture. I say this because there are many lines in the piece. There straight.
This picture shows various amounts of color. Some colors in this are dark,& some are light. You can see all the different colors in every single rubiks cube. Different sensations of color throughout.
This picture shows space, mostly negative space. It shows negative space because because there is open space inside the donut. There is space around the object as well, not just inside. Also is 3D.
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