is a form of showing how a piece can standout and be emerged to remember better.

I chose this work of art because the light that reflects from the stone, makes the colors differentiate
I like this piece because of the mixtures of fades that are put in place
The colors in this picture look as if they were mixed in to make the blend just right
The blues in this color are amazing and flow with the art
The cans are very simple and the black and white is very natural and outstanding
Colors in this picture flower to the actual flowers and make the art pop
this looks like an older japanese drawing but the colors of the red and blue emphasize the power
The colors are very mixed but yet simple.
This picture only really has one color but it enables the effect of the tree.
This painting has a rainbow effect but sways in a way to make it stand out.
this picture has well aligned combination of orange and red mixtures.
This paintings colors emphasize the darkens being portraid.
This picture as more of a rainbow effect but is set well with the colors.
I like how this piece is set. And the art the colors are shared with the girls skin.
The graffiti of this art makes the colors flare to different shades
Credits: All media
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