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This is an amulet in the shape of the God Bes. It is probably made of gold so it belonged to a rich pharaoh or a priest/government official
Horus is the god oh the sky. This is a statue of him. He is falcon/hawk. This statue could be in anybodies house depending on what it was metal or stone it was made of. If it was made of gold then it belonged to a pharaoh or priest
A gold hoop worn by an egyptian Pharaoh or priest/official
scarab ring made of gold. probably belonged to a pharaoh or a rich government official
This is a pharaohs signet ring or seal. It is made of gold. Signet ring are like your identity, like today your signature is your identity.
An amulet in form of the human headed bird. possibly a god. It was probably worn by a pharaoh
Coffin A.K.A a Sarcophagus of Paankhenamun
An amulet inscribed for egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut. (1478-1458 b.c.)
wall hanging with hierogliphics and egyptian people
A statue of King Thutmose III. This how his sarcophagus looked when he was mummified
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