Several examples of mythology across different cultures and across several different continents, ranging from Japan, to India, across to Egypt, and to Europe.   Scott Spilker         

This while ink on paper drawing lacks on the use of color, it more than makes up for it with the dramatic use of contrast, to depict a strong dragon within the clouds.
Mt. Fuji is the center of one of the oldest stories dealing with Japanese mythology. With this piece, the dominating mountain shows the strength and mystery that surrounds it.
This sculpture of Mahishasuramaradini is a important figure within Hindu mythology and stories.
This sculpture of Kali is also important to Hindu mythology, where she is one of the strongest goddesses.
This depiction of Thot as an Ibis, was very important as both an ancient sculpture as well as a important symbol in Egyptian Mythology dealing with Writing, Mathematics, and Magic.
Another important figure in Egyptian mythology, this statue of Horus, both is a beautiful sculpture but, a representation of the strongest god in Egyptian mythology.
This magnificent marble statue of Venus, the goddess of love in Roman Mythology, is both a magnificent example of classical sculpting, as well as a beautiful depiction.
This magnificent painting of Tor fighting the Giants is both important to Norse and early Germanic mythology.
This beautiful bronze of a dancing faun or Satyr is important to both Greek and Roman mythology as they are gods of the woodlands.
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