Inspired By Legacies by Kaushik (Kay) Chandrasekar

My perspective on music is quite different than what people expect. All kinds of music inspire me, depending on what my mood is. Music has always been a part of my life, regardless of genre (though I mainly listen to rock and classical). My “spectrum” of music ranges from rock, classical, pop, EDM (electronic dance music), hip/hop, jazz, ambient music and a couple other genres. I also believe that it is because of past generations of music that led to our current one. Though it may not be the only factor, it is still a major factor.

Elvis Presley was one of the few people who gained a lot of attention and by doing so, altered the course of the music industry ever so slightly. The painting appears to be an oil painting.
A soundboard is how part of the magic is made for any kind of music. Many people think that a soundboard is not needed to record, though they will realize significant "before and after" difference(s).
A piano's melody can be either beautiful or depressing depending on multiple factors. The several pedals at the bottom of the piano indicates that this piano is capable of making all kinds of sounds. Again, it all depends on your imagination and perspective.
This black and white picture of this woman playing the harp tells me that she's either trying to create a mellow-dramatic atmosphere or a very subtly emotional evoking or both with the piece she's playing.
This black and white picture picture of the tuba and a couple other instruments shows that a concert band or a formal event is about to happen.
This music box brings a few memories from my childhood since I had a similar music box to this one. It makes me go to sleep or at the very least, calm my nerves when I needed it the most. This picture is plain, and simple; just like a music box.
This oil painting reminds me of whenever I listen to music. I always feel like I'm in my own world since there's no one else but me in there. It doesn't matter what genre of music I listen to or what mood I'm in. I believe that this skill is required in order to truly understand your own style of music.
A music sheet. Or as I like to call it, the first step. Where the guideline of a musical piece is written down and then carried out by a range of instruments and/or equipment.
This picture of a late 16th-early 17th century African drum, tells me that there are so many perspectives as to what good music is. It's mainly because music is an "international language" (so to speak). Each of those perspectives come from different backgrounds and cultures of different people from all around the world.
A poster to "advertise" one's (or in this case, two's) music. These days, an album or even just a single song is represented by it's cover art. It just shows to see how pictures are still used to endorse another type of art.
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