The line of perspective

Perspective artwork

I particularly like how this artist brought merged two different scenes together within the archway. the image leads you not just up the stairs but down the alley as well with perspective.
Everything draws your eye straight to the back of the room where the girl is being taught piano and the use of light within the back to really helps to draw your eye there as well.
I chose this piece of art because i found the size relation awesome between he trees and the earth. perspective was achieved by having the trees draw your eye to the planet bellow.
By understanding how to manipulate perspective properly this artist was able to create the depth of the city. I like this picture because it uses stippling and is done so well with great detail.
Reasons for choosing this piece is because it shows perspective in a very basic way starting with the foreground and working its way back to the vanishing point.
Even with the lack of color in this piece you can still see the art of perspective taking place here with the yellow stairs drawing your tow the vanishing point up the stairs.
by using perspective in the background with the road going off in the distance it helps to show the importance of the man in front by making him the largest item within the picture.
I personally like this picture for the calm feeling it gives off with the dull colors in the background and the brighter ones towards the front of the picture.
This is another really good example of perspective from several different angles with several different vanishing points. I personally like this picture because of the illusion it gives off.
I found this to be an very nice painting but also an extremely basic form of perspective with the vanishing point straight up the middle of the picture up towards the city.
I liked how this painting shows perspective in more than one way the first way is with the vanishing point being the hallway and the second way is wight he piece of floor that appears to be floating.
the way perspective is executed within this painting is with the view point going front he center of the painting out to its sides. I like this painting for the way they present bright and dark areas.
I chose this painting for the amount of detail that went into it such as seeing the reflection of the chello player. and the way it shows perspective is with the view point starting in the middle.
reason for choosing because of the amount of depth within this painting. The way it shows perspective is that there is a clear view point to where everything treys out downy he middle of the painting.
I chose this for the amount of depth this picture has and the execution of using not just buildings but people to show the depth by having them get smaller as well as the image go on.
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