Red is Beautiful.

The color red is often described as 'manly' or 'bloody', but rarely graceful or happy. This is a collection of some very elegant pieces of art that use the color red in a very beautiful way.

I find this one particularly interesting because the red dot is somewhat random. Yet somehow, it makes the painting whole. I love this piece.
I find the use of the color red very interesting. How it's only on parts of the mountains and lettering. This is very stunning.
I love this piece. Not only do I think that they are very pretty flowers, but this too feels peaceful. Red is used to awesomely here because it is only used a little in this picture but it is so strong. 
The color red is used in this piece to add some beauty to the flowers. A very subtle, but strong feature of this piece.
I like the use of perspective in this image, as well as the different tones of red that were used.
I love the amount of detail put into this. It has somewhat of a mysterious or maybe even fantasy like look to it. 
This is such a beautiful piece of art. It has amazing detail and the perspective used is really awesome. It looks as if it were a photograph. It gives you the illusion of a higher ceiling, almost 3d like, but really this is just an amazing 2d artwork.
I like how this image looks somewhat rough. The texture in her skirt is beautiful and the pattern for the chair is amazing.
I love how the image is done in mostly cool tones and then a small red carnation was added and it just changes the whole image. To me, the flower stands out amongst everything else. 
This peace seems somewhat sad as she looks outside the window. The carpet is so bold in this image.
I really love how it's an old man wearing what is now a common fashion for teenagers, a beanie. Also, the detail in his face is amazing!
Although the overall image is rooftops in what looks like a snowy place, your eyes can't help but be drawn to the red of the chimneys. This is a very beautiful and peaceful image.
This piece is so simple, yet so cute. It just makes me happy by looking at it.
I found this to be so cute. In this one the color red looks bright unlike the other ones that used a darker red.
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