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The characteristic that I most enjoy about this piece of art is the vagueness. If you zoom in, you can see the details closely.
I really like the curly lines because its kind of silly, which I enjoy in art. Also, I believe it is interesting that the almost normal lines turn more curly.
I can really connect with this picture because of the electricity that is shown, which I use alot.
I connect with this picture because it looks like something I would find at a tianguis, which is popular in Mexico.
I can connect with this picture because every time I come home, I feel really comfortable and this picture makes me feel comfortable.
I can connect to this picture alot because, again, I like different arrangements of colors, and this is perfect for that.
I really like the simpleness and coolness, which connects to me because I like the cold and plain things.
I really like the cracked balls of colors and this connects with me because I really enjoy looking at an array of colors in different ways.
I really like this painting because of the idea of emptying your pockets which could be like releasing ideas and emotions.
I like the representation of her thoughts and emotions through the smoke coming out of her mind. It really shows us her emotions.
Credits: All media
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