war: the great sacrifice- samuel j daniels

This gallery will show the tragic side of war. The sacrifice that the men and women of the armed forces have been and still are going through today. The heart to never give up and never quit. The heart to change the way things were. It will show artwork that shows the pride of the people,and who the artist uses as the heroes.

The Death of General Wolfe, Benjamin West, 1776-1806, From the collection of: Royal Ontario Museum
This Piece is from Benjamin West called The Death of General Wolfe (1776-1806). The paining as the title say shows the death of Genera Wolfe. From the look of this painting Gen. Wolfe was beloved by his troops the opposing army and the Indians. When it comes to death on the battle field, respect is paid by all.
Over The Top'. 1st Artists' Rifles at Marcoing, 30th December 1917, Nash, John (RA), 1918, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
This Piece is called “Over The Top.” Artist John Nash depicted the struggle of seeing you brothers in arms falling beside you and knowing you have to push on despite the imminent danger ahead. Shows the sacrifice of self for the greater good of the country. A sacrifice some knew greater than others.
Gassed and Wounded, Kennington, Eric Henri (RA), 1918, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
This Piece shows a high ranking officer, carrying one of his soldiers to the casualty collection point, after they have been gassed and wounded during battle. This sacrifice is called selfless service, giving of yourself to help the mission continue on. You can tell he is an officer because the artist placed an officer’s headgear on him.
The Kensingtons at Laventie, Kennington, Eric Henri (RA), 1915, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
In this piece by Eric Henri Kennington, he shows soldiers in the depth of a war in the winter time taking a moment of silence to honor their falling comrade, shown face down on the ground. You can even notice there is a high ranking Major among them, by looking at the top of the headgear worn by the soldier standing against the wall
The Cemetery, Etaples, 1919, Lavery, John (Sir) (RA) (RSA), 1919, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
This piece shows family and friends coming to the cemetery in Etaples to show respect to the fallen family and friends due to the results of war. Most of the time they just put crosses in the ground without names on them for the unknown soldiers that died during
Yermak's Conquest of Siberia, Vasily Surikov, 1895, From the collection of: The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
This piece by Vasily Surikov, shows his rendition of a battle at war during Yermak’s conquest of Siberia. The sacrifice of fighting an enemy with the advantage points in their favor. Still having the heart to say no matter how difficult it may seem, we will push through no matter what.
Gassed, Sargent, John Singer (RA), 1919, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
In this piece by SGT. John Singer shows soldiers that had their eyes blinded from being gassed by the enemy, getting holding on to each other being guided to a safe zone by someone who can see. Surrounding them is their fallen comrades that was not as lucky as they were.
Paths Of Glory, Nevinson, C R W (ARA), 1917, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
In this piece shows two soldiers lying face down in the dirt. Showing that they gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Those giving their lives led to their army’s victory. Nevinson’s Path of Glory shows you must be willing to sacrifice to become victories. Every battle has sacrifices.
An Advanced Dressing Station in France, 1918, Tonks, Henry, 1918, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
In this piece shows a casualty collection point in France, where wounded soldiers that could survive the journey were taken to receive medical attention. Some of these casualties were enemy soldiers, who also received medical attention from the doctors. The sacrifice of keeping to the medical oath, instead of allowing someone you dislike to die.
A Child Bomb-Victim Receiving Penicillin Treatment, Gabain, Ethel Leontine, 1944, From the collection of: Imperial War Museums
In this piece shows a young child recovering in the hospital from a bombing in her city. This is a sacrifice for the militaries, having to take the fight to the homes of our enemies. While knowing, understanding and accepting the collateral damage that can take place. Tragic but it is a big part of war.
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